Much ecological degradation occurs at the edges of human awareness. Still, every hour, species extinguish, wetlands dry, and climate patterns change.

Humans are deeply connected to these and other shifts, yet a false sense of remoteness often pervades our patterns of existence. Mutual resonances exist among all life forms, and through my work I explore the ecological and intellectual systems that bind, separate, repulse, and compel us.

As an artist and scientist, I engage with elements of these systems to investigate the complex and sometimes paradoxical relationships between humans and other living organisms. Much of my work addresses threats to nature that disrupt the patterns necessary for biodiversity to persist, such as habitat fragmentation, exploitation, and pollution.

Field research is integral to the creation of my work. Informed through direct immersion, I document, question, and mitigate the impacts of human constructs—perceived and concrete—on the environment and its inhabitants.